Born A Gypsy Jewelry

Born A Gypsy Jewelry is about unique, quality gemstone jewelry - made by myself and designed with heart and with soul (and with gemstones, and pearls, and wood... you get the idea). I hope you can find the piece that "speaks" to you!


This is my own line of handcrafted, one of a kind gemstone jewelry.  I spend a lot of time and energy into my designs; some pieces actually take weeks or months before I get the design just right and ready to make.


Each design gets named and is packaged with an info card, detailing your piece's name and the gemstones and materials used to make it, and lovingly placed in a gift bag made in India from recycled clothing.


I love what I make, and love to see my creations find their owners.


Who am I? My name is Chari, and besides making jewelry I am also a wife and mother to 3 fantastic kids.  My journey has not been the smoothest, but I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the ones I am still learning. 


I believe in the great magick and health benefits of the creative process.  Therefore I put a great deal of myself, my love, and my energy into what I make.


I love gemstones - really really LOVE them - and I do believe in the power they hold to enhance our lives.


I also like books, faeries, growing things, music, making incense, lakes, cheese, and true friends.


Blessed Be!





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