Questions? Here's a few Answers to the ones I hear most often.


Do you do custom work?

This is my favorite question. Yes! I love doing custom work​! Whether you are looking for gemstone jewelry made with a specific stone or a specific purpose, your favorite colour or symbol, redesigning on old but loved piece of your jewelry, or ... whatever... just use the contact form or email me directly at Tell me what you have in mind, and I'll tell you if I can make it happen!


I'm interested in one of your pieces, but it is too long/short for me. Can you adjust it?

Yes. There may be a small fee if I have to add large quantities of material, or if the added material is costly (ie. sterling silver) to the piece; however I usually will do the adjustment at no extra cost to you. Just use the contact form or email me directly at


Can you make me matching earrings/bracelet for the necklace I am buying?

Usually I can, but you should always check with me first to verify. It depends on whether I still have the beads to do it, as I buy in small quantities and am not able to replace everything that I buy. the price for matching pieces is usually slightly discounted, but varies depending on materials used. Just use the contact form or email me directly at to inquire.


I bought an item for you, and it broke! Now what?

First, I am truly sorry!  I do offer repairs on all of my product at no charge. I ask that you pay for shipping it to me. I will pay to ship it back. If a stone is broken because it was dropped, I may or may not be able to help with that. I do offer refunds if repairs cannot solve the problem. The best thing to do is use the contact form or email me directly at


Can you hold an item for me?

This is a trickier question. If you have a deposit, the answer is yes, of course. With no deposit, the maximum I can hold anything is 2 weeks. If you'd like to discuss a hold, please use the contact form or email me directly at

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