My First Blog Post, including Awesome Custom Necklace

May 2, 2014

As an introverted, highly private sort of person, I have to say that ​blogging is HARD. I have a tough time just thinking of a Facebook status. I am always going to wonder... Is this post boring? Will people even read this? and on, and on.

However, it is POSSIBLE that people would like to know more about the creative journey that I am on, and what I do.  If you are one of these people, then read on...

My main project for this week was a custom necklace for a client and friend (aside: many clients have become friends) who is in town for a visit. Let's just say her name is L, cause it's easier to write about people with names. L provided me with a beautiful quartz crystal that she had recently purchased, and throughout the course of our visit told me of her affinity for obsidian and her new found responsiveness to amber. And the seeds of ideas began to grow.


The main challenge to this piece was wire wrapping an undrilled pendant. Not my area of expertise, but fortunately I have been experimenting with making penulums, and had worked out a technique that I liked a few weeks ago. Challenge overcome!


So now comes the intuitive side... I love this part! Custom work is a very special process to me. I take whatever scraps of info I have about the person (some times a lot, sometimes very little). I do some visualizing, I play with the beads I am considering using, and I just let ideas happen. And it seems to work! I am extremely happy with L's new necklace! She will be seeing the completed work today, so I will update you on her response in the next post!

As a brand new blogger, I really would appreciate your feedback! What would you like to know about what I do? Anything in this post I should expand on? NOTHING in this post I should expand on??? Please feel free to comment (nicely if possible, I'm a person too after all)





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