Two PhotoShoots, Five Mannequins

May 12, 2014

What have I been up to this week? Working, mostly. Unfortunately, my jewelry business does not bring in enough to support me and my family. Yet. But it does bring in enough to buy more beads, so I'm calling that success!

I digress. This is a jewelry blog, after all. What have I been doing, jewelry-wise? Well, I went to the lake on Thursday and took a lot of photos.  I take my pictures on my tablet, it is a surprisingly nice camera. The downside is that the surface is very smooth and smudgy, so it is hard to review photos outdoors on a sunny day. Alas! I got home and ALL of the pics had a blurry spot! Nooo! A fingerprint on the tiny lens spoiled some otherwise fantastic pics.  See attached photo. All that time at the lake basking in the sun and the quiet and the nature for nothing... Oh, wait. 


So, when yesterday evening turned out to be beautiful and sunny, I hurried out to the yard with my Mother's Day roses and displays and jewelry and set up a quick shoot in my front yard, along the same lines as the beautiful Daffodil photos I took in April. Looking pretty nice, so there should be new jewelry up on the site before the end of the week!


Today after work I went to pick up a used half mannequin I had agreed to purchase through a Facebook group.  The lovely lady who was selling her also had 4 hanging style mannequins that she was going to give away... so she gave them to me! I am so excited to add them to my festival/market booth. Plus I got to dress them up. Dress up is the best game.

Important phone call with potentially important outcome planned for tomorrow - big news if all works out!

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